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Magnificat Choir

In June 2019 the Magnificat Choir were invited by the Cuckoo Choir to stay as our guests and to participated in the Cuckfield Music Festival, sharing a wonderful joint concert with us in Holy Trinity Church.

Choir members Margaret and Mike Littlejohn write:

During our socialising in Budapest - fuelled by their home brewed pear brandy - such was the success of the visit that thoughts eventually turned to a return visit to Cuckfield. Our hosts there did not seem to think that this would be possible but due to the wonderful idea of us providing accommodation it became a reality.

And what a great week-end it was with visits to Brighton, Cuckfield museum, a village walk and a garden party plus a dinner at Elvira's and then to cap it all on the Sunday they were the finale of the Music Festival and delighted the audience with the quality of their singing joining forces with the Cuckoo Choir for two numbers. We then had a great farewell party at the Old School where everyone let their hair down and they proved that their dancing and drinking was as good as their singing! A wonderful week-end showing that whether from the east or the west we are deep down much the same people. As a host family their visit was capped by our guests producing on arrival two bottles of the aforesaid brandy. As and when we can it would be great to visit Budapest again perhaps in the spring/summer.

Our Guests from Hungary arrived on a Friday evening and were introduced to their host families.

On Saturday we visited Brighton and spent some time by the sea.

In the evening we had a lovely meal with lots of singing at El Veira’s Café Borde Hill.

Early start on Sunday morning to find out about Cuckfield with a visit to the village museum and a lovely village walk before coffee and singing in a beautiful English country garden.

In the evening we sang together at the Grand Finale of the Music Festival.

David Mortimer choir member and founder of Cuckfield Music Festival explained:

The Grand Finale of the 2019 Cuckfield Music Festival was the double act of the Magnificat Choir from Fot and the Cuckoo choir. We realised from our visit to Hungary in December 2017 that they were very good so when they came to us we gave them one half of the concert to themselves. They sang a mix of English sacred music and Hungarian folk song and if any thing they were even better on that occasion, having added to their ranks an new young soprano. They thoroughly deserved the enthusiastic reception they got. For the icing on the cake the two choirs combined to sing a song by Bela Bartok, alternating between English and Hungarian in the different verses.

Followed by dinner and an evening party at the Old School with our own inhouse entertainment.

A splendid finish to a lovely weekend.



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