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Cuckoo Choir summer concert 2024

Our Zoom Choir - how we’ve managed during lockdown

The Cuckoo Choir moved on line as from March 2020 when 45 of our 60 members joined us on Zoom for our Friday afternoon Choir.  Initially we thought that delivering this was going to be a huge challenge and that we might not succeed but our concerns were unfounded. Gradually we got over any technical hitches, our anxieties were quelled and oh! what fun we’ve had.  We’ve sung lots of lovely uplifting songs, we have had people’s musical spotlight moments and our members were whisked away to their desert island after sharing the music of their choice.  The break out rooms offered the much-needed opportunity for people to keep in touch with one another.  Of course, we haven’t missed an opportunity to celebrate with Easter Bonnets, VE Day flags, lots of birthdays, and, a variety of lovely decorated Christmas hats.  The biggest event of all, however, was when two of our very early members announced they were to be married.  Lots and lots of sparkly hats for that day and such excitement.  

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