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Cuckoo Choir goes to Budapest

In December 2019 the Cuckoo Choir were invited to Budapest to sing with the grand Magnificat Choir in the FOT Cathedral.

Choir member and tour organiser Marta Lindop explains "The Magnificat Choir is from Fot, a small village in Hungary, outside of Budapest. It is an established church choir of Fot Cathedral, with a rich repertoire of classical choral music and Hungarian folk music. Over the years they travelled all over Europa, took part in various festivals, and won many musical awards. In 2017 their conductor invited the Cuckoo choir to take part in the village Christmas concert in Fot Cathedral."

Marilyn Walker Choir member wrote

We knew that the itinerary would be interesting and varied. Not only would we see the principal sites of the city, but we could be assured of an informed insight into its food and culture. However, our main aim was to sing as a choir in FOT Cathedral in the company of the Choir Magnificat.

We travelled, we looked, we learned, we sang, we experienced, we ate (and drank) together, we bonded and we roared with laughter every day.

What a lovely few days it was .. we had such fun.

Our hotel was in a brilliant central location enabling us to pop to the market and the shopping precincts and to see the wonders of such a beautiful city.

Lots of stops for much needed refreshments...

We were treated to a lovely tea party after the concert...

And had enjoyable evenings out on the town...



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